You are about to discover a fascinating world full of endearing creatures…well not for everyone 🙂 that cure an impressive amount of diseases and infections.
We’re talking about curing humans here, so imagine curing your pets…and even wild animals!

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The reasons for hirudotherapy

Hirudotherapy, i.e. treatment with medical leeches, has been popular for several hundred years. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Russia was already the largest producer and exporter of leeches to Europe. This industry was the second most profitable in the country after grain supply. At that time, “the cure for all ills” was part of the arsenal of almost every healer.

Leeches were widely used by the poorer classes themselves to treat a wide range of ailments. Wealthier people liked to put leeches “behind their ears” before balls and other formal events to improve their complexion…


he 20th century, with the onset of the era of antibiotics and other synthetic drugs, interest in medical leeching waned. It became much easier and faster to treat it with a chemical pill. But… the years passed. And it turned out that artificially created drugs have many side effects and, although they have a quick effect, not only can they not always restore a man to his lost health, but they can also destroy his body.

However, as more and more people become intolerant of chemical preparations, doctors and patients are becoming more interested in alternative, more natural and safer methods of treatment. One such method is hirudotherapy. Its popularity has been growing steadily in recent years. In the 21st century, institutes, university departments and research centres have been established to study medical leeches.


The unique medicinal effect of leeches is now scientifically proven. And the uniqueness consists in the fact that, despite all the efforts of science, it is impossible to artificially recreate a preparation that even remotely resembles the structure of leech saliva. None of the assigned substances (the structure of the saliva of a medical leech is nowadays almost completely studied; it contains more than 100 components) works separately. The cosmetics industry has learned to prepare products from dried medical leeches for external use. But these are only cosmetic products. For medical use, the enzymes of a leech must enter the bloodstream in exactly the combination and quantitative ratio that nature has created. It is not possible to reproduce this combination artificially.

Leeches can rightly be considered the oldest animals, as they appeared on Earth at the time of the dinosaurs. Over many centuries of evolution, their organism has developed a unique mechanism for obtaining food. It is quite difficult for a leech to obtain food. It has to find a suitable victim, one that does not run very fast, have time to suck it discreetly and, for a short period of time, pump out enough blood. Enough to last a long time. Because it is possible that in its short life the leech will not find anything else suitable…


When a leech bites, it sprays a secretion containing dozens of enzymes into the tissue. Their action is designed to make it easier for the leech to access food. But it is these enzymes that have a unique therapeutic effect on the whole body. Nature has created a perfect remedy for the health of humans and, apparently, all warm-blooded animals. Some veterinarians also treat horses and cows with leeches, according to their own scheme.

It should be noted that not all leeches have medicinal properties, but only one species: the medicinal leech. It does not live in a temperate climate, and all leeches that swim in Russian puddles and ponds north of the Krasnodar region are not only not medicinal, but can also carry dangerous diseases. For medicinal purposes, leeches are bred in specially created farms. There are only two such places in the Moscow region: in Stupino and Udelnaya. Even in the south, the medicinal leech is difficult to find in the wild, as it can only live in very clean waters.

Hirudotherapy procedure. The doctor holds the leech, in close-up, before applying it to the patient’s skin.


Once in the body, the leech secret works:

Reduces the viscosity of the blood and makes it more fluid;
Dissolves blood clots, even long-standing ones, which no synthetic drug can do;
Dissolves deposits on the walls of the smallest vessels – the capillaries – and thus restores microcirculation;
Detoxifies viruses, fungi and germs;
Dissolves scars in the connective tissue;
Breaks down fats and reduces cholesterol levels;
Stimulates the formation of new young cells.
In addition, a medicinal leech increases vitality and strength, restores neuronal connections in the brain and thus rejuvenates the body.

The blood and the vascular wall are mainly affected by the secretion of the leech. It is well known that the main cause of most diseases is poor blood supply and the accumulation of waste products in the tissues. Hirudotherapy is therefore beneficial for almost all conditions.


There are very few contraindications to leeches, but they do exist. Absolute contraindications:

Blood coagulation disorders;
Individual intolerance to medical leeches.
The enzymes of a leech are close in structure to the proteins of the human body, so that theoretically there are no allergic reactions. But the immune system of modern humans is often disturbed and a perverse reaction to the leech protein can occur. This is why the first session always starts with a leech!

There are also a number of contraindications to leech therapy. In any case, it is up to your doctor to decide whether or not you should be treated with leeches.


he quickest effect that can be seen after a hirudotherapy session is a decrease in blood pressure and blood flow at the application site. If the vascular condition is not completely deplorable, after one or two sessions the patient can already feel the warmth of his still cold feet. If the leech enzyme is regularly introduced into the body over a period of time, it accumulates in the body, the vascular wall is gradually cleaned, stale thrombi are removed, the viscosity of the blood is normalised, becoming more fluid, and consequently the blood supply to all organs and systems is improved. The enzyme then circulates through the circulatory system to the internal organs. The dissolution and flushing of the intercellular space of all the toxins and metabolic products accumulated over the years begins. Unhealthy tissue is gradually replaced by normal cells, restoring the body to health.

This is why leeches cannot cure, for example, prostatitis and leave the liver untreated. They work on all the problems in your body. And all of them will gradually improve.


How long does it take to treat with leeches? It depends on the condition of the body. If a person has never taken any wellness measures, has never done any cleansing, has stagnant lymph and liver, has pronounced atherosclerosis and blood vessels clogged with blood clots and cholesterol plaques, it will take several months before a lasting improvement in wellness occurs. On average, 60 to 80 leeches are needed for a course. A single session requires 6 medicinal leeches. However, this number should be reached gradually, as the body’s reaction can be unpredictable if a large number of leeches are administered at once. A break of one to several months is then possible (if necessary, as recommended by the doctor). After that, the treatment can be continued according to the goal set.


Hirudotherapy is not only effective for chronic conditions. For a number of acute conditions, it will bring almost immediate improvement. These include acute otitis media (especially in children), maxillary sinusitis, thrombosis (no solution without leeches), hypertension, varicose veins, haematomas after injuries, conditions after tooth extraction and implantation.

There are a number of conditions for which hirudotherapy is essential. First of all, there are all vascular disorders. Leech treatment is recommended in the following cases:

High blood pressure;
Consequences of strokes and infarcts;
Post-covidial conditions ;
Varicose veins ;
Retinal thrombosis;
Adhesions ;
Infertility ;
Prostatitis ;
Chronic adnexitis ;
Fatty liver disease;
Chronic and acute diseases of ENT organs
Cerebral palsy (children, early years);
Dermatitis, eczema;
Eye diseases ;
Other diseases and complications…

In hirudotherapy, the rule works very well: the sooner you start treating your body with medical leeches, the sooner you will see results. This is especially important after COVID-19, which causes increased thrombosis for many months after apparent recovery. It is an insidious disease that can cause a stroke or heart attack even after six months or a year.


If you have decided to take your health seriously and start restoring your body, instead of just reducing symptoms with pills, watching an organ’s function gradually deteriorate, the specialists at the medical centre will give you all the help you need, at an appropriate price. Why? They use a unique combination of several alternative and natural healing methods. In combination with hirudotherapy, an individual collection of herbs will be prepared for you, taking into account the current state of your body. The human body is genetically predisposed to medicinal plants. For centuries and thousands of years, plants have been growing close to man. And for centuries, humans have used them to heal themselves. While medicinal leeches improve blood circulation, plants improve the flow of lymph, “flushing” all the toxins and waste products from the lymphatic system, the intercellular fluid. In other words, they remove from the body everything that the leech has dissolved. The plants restore the immunity, the nervous system, normalise the hormonal context, supply the tissues and organs with nutrients and microelements. The effects of hirudotherapy are therefore felt more quickly.

Hirudotherapy procedure. The doctor holds the leech, in close-up, and applies it to the patient’s skin.


If health problems require an increase in the number of medical procedures, medicinal mushrooms can be administered in parallel with hirudotherapy. Fungotherapy has a pronounced antiviral and antibacterial effect and a powerful normalising effect on the immune system. Although in many countries medicinal mushrooms are not frequently used for medical purposes, it is known that in some eastern states with high-level public health services, the prescription of medicinal mushrooms is mandatory for a number of diseases, including oncology, in accordance with quality standards, together with other treatment methods.


The doctor will also discuss with you the diet and lifestyle that you will need to adopt if you wish to maintain the results of the treatment. It is important to remember that the treatment is a step on the road to success. If, after the recovery procedure, the patient continues to “ruin” their health by leading an unhealthy lifestyle, the treatment will not bring positive results.


The treatment programme is prepared individually for each patient. Therefore, a long counselling session is necessary before the treatment starts.

The doctor should first provide a detailed record of previous examinations. If these are not available, a medical examination will have to be carried out. The specialists at the clinic will need the results of the following tests:


Clinical and biochemical blood tests less than one month old;
Results of all medical examinations and tests carried out in the past year.
You must also show that you are ready to become a healthy person! Only then can the doctors at the medical centre obtain positive treatment results.

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