Training in animal and equine hirudotherapy is developed and directed by Dr Tatiana Golovin from the Institute of Hirudotherapy in Minsk, Russia.

Add knowledge to your personal and professional background.

Start new business !

Pay in 2/3/4 times without fees. Send an email here and Register for free here

The training in Hirudotherapy is 50H00 of exciting courses.

Test and diploma at the end of the course.

Delivery of a proof of attendance to the training.

This training is not a prerequisite for the professional activity of hirudotherapist.

However, this training is ideal for a first approach to the practice of leeching for groomers, veterinarians, equine therapists, equine masseurs, equestrian centres, zoo groomers, wildlife workers, etc…

We do not guarantee your installation as a professional hirudotherapist.

You will have to take all the information and advice yourself in order to make it a professional practice, if necessary.

Get into practice, treat your animals and take care of animal welfare.

In Germany, the medicinal leech is classified as a medicine and more than 100,000 hirudotherapy sessions are performed every year.

Learn how to relieve the ailments of our four-legged friends.

Discover the fascinating world of leeches and their spectacular healing power since the dawn of time.

Leeches are invaluable in helping to restore motor and physiological function to a wide range of domestic and wild animals.

This course will provide you with the skills to develop a complementary activity to the veterinarian, equine therapist, etc. for all domestic animals but also for zoos, parks and wildlife.

You will develop knowledge and techniques that no horse racing owner can do without.

A case study was carried out by LEECH LAB on 153 competition horses with tendinopathy of the superficial flexor of the finger.

In 91% of the horses treated (139/153), the ultrasound results obtained demonstrated complete resorption of the intratendinous haematoma after hirudotherapy, as well as healing and realignment of the tendon fibres within 8 weeks. Read more about this study here.

This training is aimed at both the simple animal owner/handler and the animal welfare professional.

We deliver a certificate of success at the end of the course.

Pay in 2/3/4 instalments free of charge. Ask here and Register for free here and see the training programme.

This course was created by Dr. Tatiana Golovin from the Institute of Hirudotherapy in Minsk, Russia, for both professional and non-professional audiences and for animal welfare.