26 janvier 2021

Questions Fréquentes Générales

2021-01-27T01:05:32+01:0026 janvier 2021|

WINE NUTRIENT FAQS WHAT IS YAN? YAN stands for Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen. It is the sum of assimilable nitrogen from ammonium ions and the assimilable Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN) present in the juice/must. Low levels of YAN are associated with the production of undesirable sulfide compounds. Recommended levels range from 250 ppm-350 ppm or higher depending on the initial Brix level. ARE FERMAID K AND SUPERFOOD THE SAME? No. While both are yeast nutrients, each is a proprietary blend from two different manufacturers. While similar in nutrient content, Fermaid K can be added at smaller rates to achieve the

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