Kombucha MasterClass - Become a Major Actor!

The MasterClass Kombucha is a world-class course that you won't want to miss! Learn how to produce millions of litres like the best "pros".



The Royal Road to Kombucha by Mannanova inc.

The MasterClass Kombucha is a world-class course that you won't want to miss! Contact us now by clicking here

This Kombucha Masterclass is a 15-hour online course that teaches everything you need to know to produce kombucha on a commercial scale (hundreds - thousands - millions of litres). You can learn at your own pace and watch the videos whenever you want.

The thing you're going to love The course includes unrivalled support, so that you can ask our experts any questions you may have (by e-mail or videoconference). You have access to the leading consultants in the field, at no extra cost.

The course is given in English (videos with French subtitles), but the weekly webinar support is given live is also available in French. So you can ask all your questions and also listen to the questions and answers of your fellow learners.

We are the leaders

Our team are experts in the manufacture and development of fermented drinks, and in particular we excel in the design of the Kombucha drink!

Are you looking for an experienced partner in the food and beverage industry who can meet your needs, whether you're just starting up, looking to increase production or looking for solutions to improve your products?

At Mannanova Inc, our expertise is rooted in the development and growth of innovative consumer products, in harmony with the environment, social equity, fair trade, responsible growth and support for local economies.

Use us as consultants

Our consultancy services and solutions cover a wide range of areas, including the production of fermented foods and beverages, as well as the design and implementation of production lines. Thanks to this holistic approach, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions, perfectly adapted to each customer's specific needs and visions.

Our portfolio is full of successes, with various products developed in-house, such as Kombucha, Kombucha Beer, Cider, Dairy-free Yoghurt, Sauerkraut ready four times faster than the traditional method, Tempeh, as well as a soy-free version, meads, sauces, preserves and many other innovative foods and drinks.

If you're looking to grow your business in the fermented drinks sector, our passionate and experienced team is ready to work with you to achieve your goals.

Order your training today to find out how we can help you take your business to new heights.

The cost of this International Kombucha MasterClass is €1670. per participant (i.e. one subscription per company/project).

Contact us now by clicking here

Are you a small or start-up kombucha producer?

We strongly recommend the Kombucha Masterclass. This online course (15 hours of videos and working documents) will show you everything you need to know to produce kombucha on a commercial scale. Available in English, with French subtitles.

Are you an established producer? Are you looking to build a factory? Are you interested in another fermented product?

Contact us to make an appointment.
Note: We teach a commercial production approach, which can grow with your company. To ensure your satisfaction, we do not teach the "artisanal" process, where you ferment your kombucha in small pots.

Some of the services we offer in consultation:

  • Recommendations for production equipment

  • Recommendations on laboratory equipment

  • Process recommendations according to the desired characteristics of the kombucha

  • Raw materials and recommendations from their suppliers

  • Do's & Don'ts of kombucha quality control

  • Step-by-Step Guide to Quality Control

  • Optimised production process thanks to Manna-K

  • Detailed list of equipment

  • Specific product formulation

  • Research and product development

  • Production set-up

  • Employee training on the production process / use of tools

  • Preparation of standard operating procedures to comply with good manufacturing practice (GMP)

  • Development of production monitoring systems

  • Development of a quality assurance system

  • Equipment search and recommendations

  • Plant design

  • Help in choosing the right raw materials

  • Help in drawing up Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plans

  • Personalized support

  • Quick and effective solutions to everyday problems with fermented products

What is Manna-K?

Manna-K is the most efficient way of making kombucha.

It reduces your production time and saves you money, time and work. By using it, you ensure that your product is stable, consistent and delicious.

It is certified organic by Ecocert, kosher and halal, and is exported all over the world.

Looking for an even easier way to make kombucha?
Perhaps the Manna-KN is a better solution for you!

But what else?

Manna-K is an advanced, highly fermented, high-density alcohol-free kombucha. With its high concentration of green tea and extended fermentation time, Manna-K is perfect (and guaranteed) for making kombucha in-house.

The ingredients? Water, sugar, green tea and kombucha culture. That's all there is to it!

Manna-K is stable at room temperature for 6 years, since all the sugars that can ferment have already been consumed. So it's very easy to store. Wow!

Why would I use it?

To simplify my life: there are many things the Manna-K can help with, but it can be summed up as follows: it allows you to produce more delicious kombucha, more simply and more quickly.

  • For delicious, consistent kombucha that doesn't explode in the bottle: keep your product under control once bottled. Manna-K limits fermentation in the bottle. Have peace of mind: your customers will drink the kombucha as prepared.

  • To reduce the alcohol in my kombucha: Manna-K limits fermentation, the main cause of alcohol in kombucha (which is naturally 2%). By using Manna-K, you guarantee that your product stays below 0.5% of alcohol and does not exceed the legal limit.

  • To increase the capacity of my existing equipment by 10x: There's a lot of flavour in a tiny bit of Manna-K, thanks to the very long fermentation! So you'll only need 10% of starter in your recipes. It'll also save you a lot of fermenters! 

  • To reduce my production cycleSince you won't need secondary fermentation, you can brew and bottle in a single day!

  • Because my brewer is not comfortable with fermenting kombuchaMany beer packagers and brewers are concerned that kombucha could contaminate their beers or other products. With Manna-K without starter, you can considerably reduce this risk.

  • Because it's available NOWYou have a large order to fill? Have you received a notice for high alcohol content? Do you have production growth problems? No time to wait 6 months to prepare your own acidifier? Manna-K is available today

    How much does this International Kombucha MasterClass cost?

    Course registration fee: €1,700 per participant (i.e. one subscription per company/project).

    This fee includes video conference support from kombucha experts from Mannanova to discuss production issues, growth management, etc.

Training programme

Training plan

  • The kombucha market : Trends, growth, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • The science of kombucha : The chemical and biological composition of kombucha. Find out more about yeasts, bacteria, pH, sugar, vitamins, probiotics, alcohol, health benefits, etc.
  • Kombucha brewing methods : Find the method that's right for you. From brewing to bottling, a complete exploration of the four brewing strategies that work.
  • Your kombucha laboratory : How to build your control centre. The science, tools and methods for measuring and controlling alcohol, sugar, pH, total acidity, etc.
  • Create a high-quality product on a large scale: How to control your culture, flavours, colours, alcohol, speed of fermentation, carbonation, shelf life, food safety and reproducibility.
  • Design your own kombucha flavours and colours: How to compose, test and validate your flavours: play with sweetness, acidity, tastes, colours, extraction methods and ingredients.
  • Virtual kombucha factory tours: Visit the medium-sized kombucha factories and their configurations: production floors, storage, cold room, loading bays, bottling, loading, etc.
  • Quality control and assurance : How to create effective processes for detecting, resolving and preventing problems.
  • Case study : How to maximise your plant's capacity and adapt it to your desired size.
  • The educational tools used

    La Kombucha Masterclass comprises four main teaching tools, all designed to help students understand and retain new knowledge. In each module, students have the opportunity to view, read, exchange and apply: :

    • View - Courses at the Kombucha Masterclass are completely virtual. It includes videos that participants can watch at their own pace. The videos are subtitled in English, French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.
    • Read - The Masterclass offers technical sheets and documents for consultation.
    • Exchange - Once a month, subscribers can take part in a live online webinar session to ask questions and take part in discussions with other producers.
    • Apply - The Masterclass offers practical courses so that kombucha producers can apply their knowledge in their factories.

    Teaching support

    La Kombucha Masterclass is an entirely virtual platform that guides students through the technical content and case studies presented.

    Students are invited to ask questions about each module during our monthly live webinars. She also has the opportunity to interact with a community of kombucha producers spanning five continents.

    La Masterclass is a very practical course. Students are encouraged to apply all the knowledge they have acquired in their own kombucha factory.

    Trainers - experts in the field

    Sébastien Bureau: President of Mannanova, he has helped more than 250 kombucha brewers around the world to increase their production while maintaining a high level of quality. From 2009 to 2014, he was vice-president of R&D at Rise Kombucha and helped make it the largest producer in Canada. In five years, the company grew from 200 litres a week to more than a million litres a year, and built an international reputation as the largest kombucha company in Canada.

    Thomas Durant: Mannanova's Production Manager, he has been honing his knowledge and skills in the food industry for 10 years. He worked alongside Sébastien for Canada's largest kombucha producer, and now the two have joined forces to create a growing international kombucha community. When he's not making kombucha, his hands are full with other production-related activities. His mandate is to use his experience to help others make the best possible product for the public.


    Training registration fee: 1,800 $USD (~ €1,670) per participant (one subscription per company/project).

    This fee includes videoconference support from Mannanova's kombucha experts to discuss production issues, growth management, etc.


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