Honey Vinegar Production Training


Make vinegar from mead and learn the secrets of a master vinegar-maker. Use it in your dishes, cocktails, served over ice cream or with desserts.



Training to become a master in the art of making honey vinegar.


In this course on vinegar made from mead, you will learn the secrets of a master vinegar maker.

Gastronomic vinegar - develop a business with a future!

A connoisseur's market, top-of-the-range vinegar - A mead vinegar, an ancestral and rare honey vinegar in growing demand.

Formation of 15 modules and 60 courses - 40 hours Price 199€. 

The start-up cost of an artisanal vinegar business is significantly lower than most businesses, ranging from €1,500 to €30K.

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Course prices on the 199€

Artisanal mead vinegar is a "living" vinegar.

It is unsterilised, unfiltered, straight from the barrel without any adulteration.

Benefits of honey vinegar

Relieves acid reflux
Can reduce cholesterol levels
Relief of leg cramps
Reduces acne and dandruff
Aid to general digestion
Reduces inflammation and joint pain
Balances PH

kombucha framboise

Learn how to make excellent vinegar in less than 2 months.

Honey vinegar is a rare commodity.

And vinegar is used in every household on a daily basis.

Learn how to revive up-and-coming niche trades whose expertise is invaluable to consumers and learners.

Start your honey vinegar business.

Export your production to China which is looking for high quality honey vinegars

The vinegar market is worth billions of euros worldwide.

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The programme of your training

Module 2 - Definition and Regulation

lesson 15: Definition of the product and the manufacturing process
course 16: Current identity standards or related legislation
course 17 : Falsification Problems

Module 3 -
Equipment : Must - Fermentation - Bottling

course 14: Equipment: material
lesson 15: The Bubbler, Syphon or Airlock
course 16 : Muslin filter

Module 4 - Water and Honey Volume

course 27: Volume of water and honey

Module 5 - Cleanliness of equipment and the workshop

lesson 31: Hygiene in the workshop

Module 6 - Fermentation

Lesson 34: Light and the fermentation of vinegar (and kombucha)
Lesson 35: Vinegar fermentation process - Microbiology
lesson 36: Vinegar mother: healthy and probiotic? A difficult question to analyse
lesson 37: Long-term conservation of the vinegar mother
lesson 36: Difference between acetic acid and vinegar | Fermentation

Module 7 - Vinegar Manufacturing

Lesson 37: Making vinegar at home: The essential guide Part I (the basics)
Lesson 37: Making vinegar at home The essential guide Part II: Starting your fermentation
lesson 37: Creating and making artisanal vinegar
lesson 37: Making vinegar quickly: The semi-rapid process to make vinegar (The Boerhaave process)
lesson 37: Making traditional balsamic vinegar
Lesson 37: Malt vinegar or beer vinegar: Understanding and making both
lesson 37: Recipes for making your own malt vinegar
lesson 37: Apple cider vinegar / Pineapple vinegar from cores and peels: A few notes
lesson 37: Making white distilled vinegar (alcohol) at home
lesson 37: Knowing vinegar: Stages, raw materials, process and treatment

Module 8 - Ingredients for Kombucha

course 38: Teas for Kombucha
lesson 39: Sugar for Kombucha

Module 9 - Making honey vinegar

lesson 40: Acetic fermentation
lesson 41: Acetic or ethanoic acid
Lesson 42: Acidity of vinegars - levels and use
Lesson 43: Making Honey Vinegar - Artisanal Method
Lesson 44: Making vinegar by hand
lesson 45: pH and acidity - their difference and importance in vinegar
lesson 46: The mother or the SCOBY?
Lesson 47: Temperature and speed for bacterial fermentation

Module 10 - Flavouring, ingredients and dosage

Lesson 52: The dosage of condiments in a vinegar?
lesson 53: Special ingredients

Module 11 - Bottle filling

course 56: Packaging and bottling

Module 12 - Special preparation

lesson 57: Making apricot vinegar
course 58: Uses

Module 13 - Yeast and Nutrients - Use

Lesson 60: Choosing Yeast and Nutrients
lesson 61: Nutrients: Scaled Additions
lesson 62: Mitigation

Module 14 - Online tools and calculator

Course 64: Tools and Calculators
Lesson 65: The online quantity calculator

Module 15 - Problems and solutions

course 75: My vinegar smells of acetone (nail varnish remover)!
Lesson 76: Light in vinegar fermentation (and kombucha)

Module 16 - Suppliers: Links, Websites

course 83: Materials
course 84: All links : Products - Yeast - Activators - Tannins
lesson 85: Ingredients


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