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Over 12,000 copy and paste prompts for ChatGPT, made for you.
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Copy and paste: examples and tips

This Prompts training pack is constantly updated

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Prompts chatGPT range

Modules and programme for all the prompts in your training and chatGPT pack

- Intro
- ChatGPT advanced : Complete guide
- Generate product information with ChatGPT
- Sales and promotions
- Telephone support
- Theme Prompts
- 10 Quick Tips to Make You Superhuman with ChatGPT
- 10 Prompts A Punchline
- Top 50 Best Tools No-Code
- 50 ChatGPT Prompts for Editors to Generate Persuasive texts
- 100 Flexible Prompts : Landing Page
- 100 Flexible Prompts for Google Ads
- 150 Prompts of Copywriting in Titanium
- 200 Ideas for Business start-ups in the field of AI
– 250 NFT Trading Prompts
– 250 De-FI Trading Prompts
- 300 Prompts on the Advertising
- 300 Prompts SEO
- 300 ChatGPT No Code Quick
- 300 Prompts for a Perfect Landing Page !
- 300 Prompts Affiliate Marketing
- 400+ Prompts - Create a digital product from scratch with ChatGPT
– 500 SaaS ChatGPT Startup
– 500 Crypto Trading Prompts
- 500+ Prompts - Convert Cold traffic in Loyal Customers
- 500 Prompts - Get Daily Sales
- 500 Prompts - Attracting Major customers
- 500 Prompts - Building a Audience
- 500 Prompts - Optimising customer service
- 500 Prompts - Effective strategies for Email marketing
- 1000 Prompts Among the Best
- 1000 Solid Gold Prompts
- 1000 Prompts - How to Strategically Organise a "Solopreneur" Business
- 1000 Prompts - E-commerce from A to Z
- 1000 Prompts: How to build a Sales Tunnel
- ChatGPT Update

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