Equine Hirudotherapy Online Training

Equine Hirudotherapy Online Training

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À propos du cours

Training in animal hirudotherapy and equine specialty is developed and directed by Dr. Tatiana Golovin from the Institute of Hirudotherapy in Minsk, Russia.

Become independent and maintain the motor and physiological abilities of your horse or animals all year round.

Get incredible results.

Training in animal hirudotherapy and equine specialty.

Add knowledge to your personal and professional background.

Treat your animals and make them feel good.

Pay in 2/3/4 times without fees. Register for free here

The training in Hirudotherapy is 50H00 of exciting courses.

End of training exam.

Delivery of a proof of attendance to the training.

This training is not a prerequisite for the professional activity of hirudotherapist.

We do not guarantee your installation as a professional hirudotherapist.

You will have to take all the information and advice yourself in order to make it a professional practice, if necessary.

Get into practice, treat your animals and take care of animal welfare.

In Germany, the medicinal leech is classified as a medicine and more than 100,000 hirudotherapy sessions are performed every year.

Learn how to relieve the ailments of our four-legged friends.

Discover the fascinating world of leeches and their spectacular healing power since the beginning of time.

Leeches are invaluable in helping to restore motor and physiological function to a wide range of domestic and wild animals.

This training will provide you with the skills to develop a complementary activity to the veterinarian, equithérapeute, etc.. for all domestic animals but also zoos, parks and wildlife.

You will develop knowledge and techniques that no horse racing owner can do without.

A case study was conducted by LEECH LAB on 153 competition horses with superficial flexor tendinopathy.
In 91% of the horses treated (139/153), the ultrasound results obtained showed a complete resorption of the intratendinous hematoma after hirudotherapy, as well as a healing and realignment of the tendon fibers within 8 weeks.

This training is intended for both the simple animal owner/handler and the animal welfare professional.

We deliver a certificate of success at the end of the training.

Pay in 2/3/4 times without fees. Register for free here and see the training program.

This training was created by Dr. Tatiana Golovin from the Institute of Hirudotherapy in Minsk, Russia, for the public of professionals and non-professionals and for animal welfare.

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Qu’allez-vous apprendre ?

  • This online course enables you to train in the practice of leeching horses, pets and animals in parks and zoos. Become a player in a rapidly expanding industry.

Contenu du cours

A Therapy of Prehistoric Times
Leeches have existed for 450,000,000 years. They are archaic animals that, during their evolution, have always been able to adapt to the needs of survival. 500 million years ago lived the annelids, the common ancestor of leeches and humans. From the almost "familiar" contact that other animals have with leeches today, we can assume that even in the "pre-human" era, there was already therapeutic contact between animals.

  • Use in antiquity
  • Leeches in the Middle Ages
  • The leeches at the Renaissance
  • Use in the 19th century
  • From the 20th century to the present day

Characteristics and Environmental Conditions of Leeches

Suppliers and Prices
Find here the list of leech suppliers for Europe. Prices and supplies.

Legal Basis For The Use Of Leeches In Pet Therapy

Indications In Veterinary Medicine

Medicinal leech treatment is not recommended for your pet in the following cases:

Course of a Hirudotherapy Session

Treatment Of Pathologies
The following treatment suggestions are not absolute guidelines, but are meant to serve as examples for you to experiment with and add your own variations based on your pet's condition and personal experience.

The side effects
As leeches do not only bite and suck, but also release active substances into the bloodstream, it is of course not free of side effects. All cases of side effects are often due to errors in application, in particular premature cessation of bleeding or premature removal of the leeches responsible for it. But the treatment, despite a contraindication, also leads to bad reactions. It should be stressed again that it is essential to know the last medication given to the horse and/or to do a blood coagulation test. This is the only way to ensure that no uncontrollable bleeding can occur. If your horse has a severe medical condition or contraindication, it is essential to seek veterinary advice to avoid serious side effects.

Case studies
Watch and study carefully these two videos of case studies that will bring you a greater mastery in your practice of leeching.


Final exam

Notes et avis de l’apprenant

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